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I understand the trouble facing our city not because I read about it in a textbook, but because I lived it. That firsthand knowledge makes me the best person to fix the problems that have gone unresolved for so long. New York is my life and I want to protect it the way I always have. As a New York City police detective, I devoted my life to keeping this city safe. I have arrested thousands of criminals. I was hospitalized over 30 times for injuries in the line of duty as one of the first decoy cops so that others wouldn’t be harmed. I continued to protect people through my private security and investigations business for over 31 years, but it’s not enough…When I look around the city I see fear, violence, and poverty. The people of my city deserve better. I want to clean up our great city of New York!

I’m sick and tired of the political corruption that has plagued our great city over the last few years. I am not a politician, and not beholden to anyone or any special interests. As your mayor, the only people I would answer to are you, the people of New York City.

Bo Dietl


Richard “Bo” Dietl was a New York City Police Officer and Detective from June 1969 until he retired in 1985, and is one of the most highly decorated detectives in the history of the police department, with thousands of arrests to his credit. Bo was one of the first NYPD undercover, decoy cops and was hospitalized 30 times for injuries sustained in the line of duty. There were two particular cases that represent his career highlights. The first was what former New York City Mayor Edward I. Koch labeled “…the most vicious crime in New York City history” (1981) which involved a nun who was raped and tortured in an East Harlem convent as 27 crosses were carved into her by two men, who later confessed and were convicted. The second was the Palm Sunday Massacre in 1984, which was one of New York City’s most bloody mass slayings, involving the murder of ten people. Bo was instrumental in the arrest and conviction of the suspects in both cases.

In 1986, Bo was nominated for the U.S. Congress by the Republican and Conservative parties of New York State for the 6th Congressional District (to fill the seat of the late Joseph Addabbo). In a 7-1 Democratic District, the Rev. Floyd Flake edged out Bo by a mere 2,500 votes – one of the closest races in New York history.

In 1989 President George Bush appointed Bo as Co-Chairman of the National Crime Commission. In 1994 Governor George E. Pataki appointed Bo Chairman of the New York State Security Guard Advisory Council, and he was subsequently re-appointed by Governor Elliot Spitzer. Bo served as Security Consultant to the National Republican Convention and as Director of Security for many New York State Republican Conventions.

Richard “Bo” Dietl is the Founder & Chairman of Beau Dietl & Associates and investigations.com. Founded in 1985, Beau Dietl & Associates has grown to become one of the premier investigative and security firms in the nation and is a full service organization providing a wide variety of investigative and security services to corporate and individual clients worldwide. In 2010, Bo formed Beau Dietl Consulting Services (BDCS), which recruits temporary and permanent placements in the IT, Finance, and Business verticals for global leaders and Fortune 500 companies with clients such as JP Morgan Chase, Citibank and Ernst & Young.

Mr. Dietl has been a speaker at The SkyBridge Alternatives (SALT) Conference every year since its inception in 2009. SALT is a dynamic forum for investors, foreign leaders, politicians, and policy makers committed to facilitating balanced discussions and debates on macro-economic trends, geo-political events and alternative investment opportunities for the year ahead. With over 1,800 thought leaders, public policy officials, business professionals, investors and money managers from over 42 countries and 6 continents, the SALT Conference provides an unmatched opportunity for attendees from around the world to connect with global leaders and network with industry peers.

Bo is the co-author of the book “One Tough Cop”, which is a story about his life as a New York City police detective. The movie version of “One Tough Cop” was made into a major motion picture. Bo’s next book, entitled “Business Lunchatations”, a story about networking and business strategies hit stores in April 2005, ranking #5 on Amazon’s Business Best Seller List. Bo has been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years; he has been in over 20 movies and television series. Bo has embraced many faceted roles in the industry such as Associate Producer for the 1999 movie “The Bone Collector” and Producer for the 2000 movie, “Table One.” He also was Executive Producer of “The Gray Area” on CBS TV. Bo has worked with legendary film maker Martin Scorsese for many years; he played the arresting officer of Henry Hill in the 1990 Scorsese film, “Goodfellas”, he had a memorable role in his 2013 film, “The Wolf of Wall Street”, and also played reoccurring character “Joe Corso” in his 2016 HBO “Vinyl” Series. In 2012, Mr. Dietl signed on with Arby’s to appear in commercials for Arby’s fast-food restaurants for 2 years; extolling the fact that the chain slices its own sandwiches. There was an increase in sales of 8% for the fast food giant resulting from the commercials featuring Bo. Bo has been a Fox News and Business contributor for the past 10 years; his commentary is called upon countless times for his expertise on current events nationwide. For the past 30 years he has been a weekly guest on Imus in the Morning, and appears on several other Fox shows on a regular basis.

Over the years Bo has taken an active interest in many charities and continues to endorse and support such foundations as:

The Viscardi Center, The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, The Nation Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Make-A-Wish, Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research, The American Heart Association, The Imus Ranch, The Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation, United Cerebral Palsy, New York City Police & Fireman Widow & Children, CJ Foundation of SIDS, Tomorrows Children Fund, Children’s Medical Fund of NY, Hemophilia Association, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and Mothers Voices are among a few.

Behind the brawn lies a big heart…
In 2007, after Bo’s Fiancé, Margo Urban was diagnosed with a rare form of Hodgkin’s and non Hodgkin’s lymphoma, he agreed to be honored with the Humanitarian of the Year Award along with Margo as “Cancer Survivor of the Year.” In one night over $1.3 million was raised for The Cancer Research & Treatment Fund (CRT)

Bo’s dedication and affinity to The American Heart Association contributed to the overwhelming success of their 2011 Annual Heart of the Hamptons Ball in which he played a key role in raising over $500,000 – the event made more than it ever had in previous years.

One organization that is very near to Bo’s heart is Abilities! Inc. and The Henry Viscardi Center. The Viscardi center helps fund programs and services that educate, employ and empower children, adolescents and adults with disabilities. Bo is an active contributor and sponsor of the organization and has been their annual Sports Night Chair for the past several years.

Upon hearing of the tragedy of slain police officer Peter Figoski in December 2011, Bo was very moved to become involved in raising funds for the education and well being of Officer Figoski’s four daughters. Bo’s efforts have resulted in contributions in excess of $200,000. Officer Figoski was a 22 year NYPD veteran at the 75th Precinct, the last place Bo served before he retired due to an injury.

Bo is an advisor for a technology known as COPsync. COPsync operates the nation’s only real-time law enforcement information sharing network which helps increase officer safety. Bo is very honored and proud to have served as a member of New York’s Finest with the New York City Police Department. He continues to be a vocal advocate for police and law enforcement nationwide.

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